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Available on both the Android and iOS operating systems for mobile phones and tablets, CapturaTalk is the all-in-one assistive technology app that integrates a suite of high quality features to assist with the accessibility of text and literacy support.

With CapturaTalk it is no longer necessary to purchase five or more high quality apps, as it combines a suite of tools into one simple, innovative app.

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    Talking Browser
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    Type and Speak
  • Categories and Phrases
    Categories and Phrases
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    File Manager
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Provides reading and visual support to access web text.

Key Benefits

  • Accessibility to any text on web
  • A choice of reading styles
  • Customise how text is displayed
  • Supports upload and download
  • Bookmark important web pages
  • Easily manipulate web text
  • View and read aloud eBooks
  • TTS with highlighting

File Manager

Organisation is a key requirement for efficiently retrieving documents. Successfully save and access files, locally or via cloud storage.

Key Benefits

  • Increase collaborative working
  • Preview of your files before opening
  • Compatible with a wide range of file formats
  • Includes a PDF viewer
  • Upload and download files
  • Playback audio files
  • Manage files


The OCR feature provides a method to capture key information contained within printed material and present it in an accessible digital format.

Key Benefits

  • Access to printed text
  • Convert printed text into a digital format
  • Have printed text read aloud
  • Retain structure and formatting

Study skills

Provides the ability to create, import and have instant access to useful study skills, commonly used phrases and key terminology.

Key Benefits

  • Instant access to specialist terminology
  • Create and edit categories
  • Supports structure and formatting
  • Online access to pre-defined categories
  • Share study skills
  • Tailor to the course and user

Communication (SMS)

Enables you to have text messages(SMS) read aloud as they arrive and respond via SMS, email or phone call.

Key Benefits

  • Support poor readers
  • Text-to-speech with highlighting (visual and auditory aid)
  • Instantly read aloud text messages
  • Ideal for when driving

Word processing

Provides an environment equipped with an array of literacy and language support tools to enhance accessibility and ability to manipulate text.

Key Benefits

  • Save text as audio
  • Text-to-speech with highlighting
  • Customise the representation of text
  • Add audio, images & hyperlinks
  • Plain or Rich text mode
  • Translate text (visual and auditory)
  • Create SMS and email
  • Dictionary and confusable words

The features of CapturaTalk are useful for anyone in need of help accessing texts or literacy support, particularly those with dyslexia or visual impairment, or who are learning English as a second language.